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PDA’s core business centres around our pre media department. Utilising the latest technology available our Pre Media Technicians prepare your digital artwork files to ensure they will print successfully for any given print process. Our technicians have the experience and high technical expertise to focus on quality and detail to integrate your design to any specific printing process required. We strive for overall brand consistency whatever the printing process or substrate for your product.



We have a variety proofing processes available to our clients as well as a managed online PDF artwork approval process. For high end proofing we use our KODAK APPROVAL, (Digital Colour Imaging System) This system provides the greatest confidence when predicting colour and appearance. It accurately preserves both colour and screening characteristics. We can produce colour proofs on any number of printing substrates including paper, cardboard, aluminium, steel, poly and shrink-wrap labels.



To offer a lower cost proofing option we utilise Canon Inkjet technology driven by Kodak colour Management software. This system provides a cost saving alternative to the Approval System. Proofs are not produced on the printing substrate although many different substrates can be simulated such as recycled cardboard or paper etc. These proofs are generally used for checking content, colour breakdown and positioning of the job in relation to the printers manufacturing specifications.



Our online approval process speeds up the approval process by up to 50% and is totally secure. This is our workflow management system and is totally secure. Our system is used for job tracking and provides a useful audit trail. Clients can upload their files from the system which is simple to use, Clients can approve artwork or make comment anywhere in the world. Corrections can be made in real time by attaching notes or adding changes directly to the artwork. Changes are made on separate layers so your original artwork is never changed. Other than a web browser the system requires no specific software and is simple to use.



PDA can produce mock-ups on the actual substrate that the product will be printed on. These are produced using our KODAK APPROVAL system which is the most accurate available in todays market. The mock-ups produced have the appearance identical to that of the final printed product on the shelf. These are frequently used in marketing presentations, TV commercials, product focus groups, developing concepts, photo shoots and the like.



After your file has been prepared and approved we can also provide a variety of plate making options to cover all forms of printing.


We provide a range of services tailored specifically to the packaging industry including:

* Artwork Creation and modification

* Barcode & QR Code Generation

* Final File Preparation (Trapping, Colour Re-touching, Step & Repeat etc)

* Kodak XP-4 Proofing on actual substrate including any metallic or clear substrate

* Fully mocked up samples for photography or product focus groups

* Offset Platemaking​

* Photopolymer Platemaking

* Film Positives (and Negatives) for Screen Print or other applications that still require film as part of their process